June 24, 2019

Good Finance Sim Blocked Removal


Good Finance sim blocked removal , Good Finance sim card blockage removal , Halk bank sim card blockage removal operations. With the spread of technology in the banking sector, it brought with it some security measures. We may be subject to sim card blockage when we make transactions with our mobile phone registered in the bank in accordance with the sim card change or number porting requests made with our mobile operator. Today, since a single ID card exchange is made, banks prevent access to accounts and Internet Banking via SMS after this change, and prevent us from making use without sim card unblocking. Good Finance sim card unblocking operations are also required at this stage. So how do you remove Good Finance sim blocked ? Public bank sim card blocked transactions.

What is Good Finance Sim Card Blocking?

What is Good Finance Sim Card Blocking?

For some security reasons, all banks restrict access to accounts to a certain extent during sim card change or number change transactions. In our Internet Banking and money transfer transactions, banks try to make the transaction safer by sending confirmation SMS . When we make a sim card change, it will also stop receiving the confirmation and information SMS to ensure that it is us. This means that if you are not the person who made the sim card exchange, that person will be prevented from making banking transactions .

At this stage, we have to perform Good Finance sim block removal operations in order to use the banking products easily after changing the sim card . These processes are now considered as very simple and effortless. You can unblock sim cards within minutes and continue banking transactions. So how to remove the sim bank blockage of Good Finance?

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Good Finance Sim Blocked Removal How To …


Good Finance sim blocked removal procedures are quite simple steps. You can complete the block removal within minutes by performing any of these steps. Since all these methods are online, you will be active immediately after the transaction and will be able to reuse banking products. Good Finance sim card unblocking operations are as follows;

  • Removing SIM card block from Good Finance ATMs,
  • Remove SIM card block from Good Finance customer service,
  • Unblock sim card with Good Finance Internet banking.

You can unblock the sim card by choosing any of these steps. When unblocking a sim card, you will be asked to complete both contact information and some security steps. Some credentials may also be requested, so it is a good idea to have your identity with you.

Sim Card Blocking

Good Finance ATMsSim card blocked removal process is taken as the easiest ATMs are considered. You can go to any ATM of Good Finance and insert your credit or debit card into the ATM and enter your password correctly, then unblock the sim card using the Mobile Transactions menu. In some cases (some banks), this type of warning is displayed because there is a sim blockage when processing from ATMs. You can easily complete your transactions by following these warnings. If you have not been able to uninstall via ATMs, you can also remove sim blocked by calling Good Finance customer service .

Sim Blocking with Good Finance Customer Service

If you have not been able to remove your sim card via ATMs, you can do the same by calling Good Finance customer service. Since there is already a SIM card block, when you call customer service, the first menu that will meet you will be the simulated transactions, the mobile transactions menu. By following these steps, you can enter the requested information into the system, then complete the sim block removal process quickly. When sim blockage , you can do your transactions quickly without having to connect to customer service.

Good Finance Sim Blocked Removal

Good Finance Sim Blocked Removal

With Good Finance Internet Banking , you can complete the sim card block removal steps. If you reach the notifications or mobile transactions menus, you can easily unblock the sim card by completing the necessary security steps. However, since Internet Banking is also blocked in some cases, we recommend using customer service or ATMs in these transactions.

Attention here In some banks, sim card unblocking is performed only through ATMs and Customer Service. For this reason, we recommend that you prefer the faster and more accurate method of ATM and Customer Service.

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