July 19, 2019

Advises for the first time: do not repay loans

Every third Czech knows life with a loan , but one in four of them does not know how much he owes. In addition, a third of the debtors admit that they will sometimes be late in payment. The figures come from the current survey of Credit Bank, which was reported by the server. It doesn’t sound very positive, does it?

With a smile, however, all problems are better resolved and the creators of the Safe Credit Navigator project have realized this. They asked for help from actress and presenter Iva Pazderková, better known as the Blond Lady, and together they created four videos wittyly commenting on life with a loan.

Avoid going to hell

Avoid going to hell

In the first video, Blond Lady describes how she borrowed ten thousand for vacation, then twenty thousand to repay the loan and still bought shoes for a free “tenth”. From the next, this time 30 thousand, loans repaid the two previous and went with friends to a party. When the creditors spoke, she found the “mega most favorable” loan for CZK 50,000 on the internet and because she had 20,000 left after paying her previous loans, she would probably go on vacation because she was tired.


The blonde’s story is absurd, but very well shows the typical wedge-wedge. At the beginning of the video, the blonde says that she has discovered the cycle of life, but in reality she recognized the debt spiral.


More loans, more problems

More loans, more problems

The debt spiral spins so that people do not manage to repay their loan and instead of dealing with the lender, they turn to usurers and borrow more money. But the facts speak clearly – unless they can repay the first loan, the second, which is higher, have no chance to repay at all.

While secure providers are interested in paying off your debt, loan predators are one hand with executors. So always think of four basic rules:

  1. Borrow only from banks or branded non-banking institutions.
  2. If you have a problem with repayment, deal with your lender immediately.
  3. Do not let the situation “fade”, the debt itself will not disappear.
  4. Do not repay the loan with a loan and by far avoid usurers.


The Safe Lend Navigator helps you navigate the loan market

The Safe Lend Navigator helps you navigate the loan market

The Safe Lend Navigator is a project of Charles University and EEIP. Its main goal is to map and describe the loan market and offer all interested parties information about safe creditors while describing the unfair practices of the dishonest ones.

The aim of the Blond Lady campaign is to make consumers think in a funny way about the problems they might encounter in connection with the loan. Blondie’s sketches spread mainly on YouTube and social networking sites, targeting young people who are not yet well versed in financial issues.


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